Welcome at Caffe Cinquecento
chef luciano

Because I believe in Our Italian Culture

Caffe Cinquecento was brought to life by a burning ambition to bring that culture to the Columbus Centre. Caffe was launched by Chef Luciano Schipano in December 2021. As President and Founder, he continues to drive the company’s success with sharp business acumen, creativity, and a finger on the pulse of contemporary Italian culture.


There are many theories turning around this drink. Some say they cannot avoid drinking coffee because it is an unavoidable habit after meals, a kind of daily ritual. One of the most widespread reasons for drinking a cup of coffee in Italy is certainly socialization

Andiamo a prenderci un caffe’, let’s have a coffee, or “ti offro un caffe’ “, I’ll offer you a cup of coffee, are sentences you will often hear uttering from Italian people. 

No matter the time no matter the day it is always the right pretext to spend some time together with friends and drinks something.

BUONGIORNO! The morning begins with a breakfast comprising a pastry paired with a delicious, milky coffee:

– Cappuccino: a long shot espresso topped with foamed milk
– Caffelatte: espresso with more milk and less foam (the American version of Latte).
– Latte macchiato: steamed milk with a splash of espresso

 FACCIAMO UN CAFFÈ! “Let’s have a coffee!”


Caffe Cinquecento presents a unique and customizable dining experience with their make your own salad bowl bar. Upon entering, guests are greeted with an array of freshly prepared ingredients, including crisp lettuce, vibrant vegetables, and protein options such as grilled chicken and tofu. The process begins by selecting a base of either mixed greens or whole grain rice. Next, customers are able to add in their desired toppings, ranging from crunchy nuts to creamy avocado. To complete the perfect salad, a selection of homemade dressings are available to drizzle over the top. This DIY salad bar allows guests to create a healthy and delicious meal that satisfies their individual taste preferences.


We added to our Caffe Cinquecento a “Mercato” section with selected items and products imported from Italy, including your favorite Gluten-Free pasta, flour, and more.

You can also find your fresh pasta made by Pastaio in our Frozen Department. 

You can buy Chef Luciano’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil: organic, cold-pressed, and unfiltered, made in Calabria at his Family Farm. Truffle Oil, Focaccia Crostini, Prepared Sauces (meat sauce, rose sauce, vodka sauce), are just a few of the awesome and delicious products you can find at Caffe Cinquecento.